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About Dr.Raj Wadhwani


Dr.Raj Wadhwani

Clinical Director of Smile Transformation




Antwerp House
36 Brookfields
Cambridge CB1 3NW


You are about to embark on a significant surgical journey, which will have a profound positive effect on your quality of life and health, both physical and psychological. It is important for you to understand the background and skills of the surgeon who will supervise and undertake the whole of your treatment so that you can be confident that you will recieve the outcome you desire and desreve.


I have been undertaking full mouth reconstruction on teeth and dental implants for over 20 years and I have performed research at Master's Level specifically in relation to full mouth reconstruction. I sought to understand the most accurate, functional and cosmetic  ways in which to achieve a functional full jaw reconstruction to enhance the smile and facial appearance.

I set up Antwerp Dental Group, a cluster of dental practices, and Antwerp Implant Dentistry in 1999.  I receive referrals for advanced reconstruction in its various forms on teeth and implants, including stabilisation and correction  of wobbly dentures. I undertake such work routinely every week. I will usually be able to identify one of my historical  clients for whom we have solved a similar dilemma to yours, and  who would be able to provide a personal testimony and  an honest appraisal of their client journey, including the challenges.  

It is important that you are treated by a team with full integrity and commitment to resolving the often bespoke and individual challange that each mouth and person brings.

Please do take advantage of our offer to discuss your treatment needs on a free of charge, no commitment basis by filling in one our our contact forms.


1999 Set up Antwerp Dental Group and Antwerp Implant Dentistry

2005 Completion of Masters in Prosthodontics at GKT Institute (Guys', Kings' and Thomas')

2007 Completion of Masters in Implant Dentistry at Warwick University

Antwerp Dental Group is a cluster of practices which are centred around Cambridge. The Dental Implant centre is housed within our main clinic known as Antwerp House Dentistry.

This was a 4 year Master's based qualification that focused on fixed and remoevable solutions to restore broken and worn down teeth. My research involved an investigation of the plethora of jaw registration devices to be able to deduce and use to construct optimum bites 

This was a 3 year generic Masters based degree in Implantology. My research included of full mouth reconstruction techniques to achieve the optimum mechanical fit. This research caused me to review technologies across the world and led me to appreciate the German technology called  "Spark Erosion". This is a technology that I use routinely in many full mouth reconstructions.


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